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Archive And Search - Launch!

posted Oct 30, 2010, 3:21 PM by ArchiveAndSearchAdmin Info   [ updated Oct 30, 2010, 4:46 PM ]
Archive And Search launch is scheduled for November 1st, 2010!
What differentiate from other backup solutions is the fact that it provides enterprise quality search in a tight package on top of it's innovative approach to backup.

Average family today has at least 2 computers in their household. Many have even more. Very small businesses have on average 5 computers. Backing up these computers is a pain! Typical solution is either a USB drive, or a backup that sends your files somewhere on the Internet. With a USB drive, you have to walk from computer to computer and attach the drive then initiate backup. Backup to the Internet site is better, but still falls short. There are so many files on an average computer, or home directory and it's a struggle to find the one you are looking for. Not to mention privacy issues. Imagine a tax return from 7 years ago. It was on a computer you do not own any more, backed up on some USB drive in some directory and you need it now! Or even simpler example: Your daughter did her homework project a week ago, but she cannot remember if she did it on your laptop or her laptop. It is due tomorrow and she cannot find it!

Archive And Search brings an elegant solution to these common backup problem that home and small business users face today. 

 There is so many digital documents, photos and music and while the disks are bigger they fill up quick. So you need to offload old files to a remote location and you do not want to do any work. Once archived, you need tofind your files quick. That is where ArchiveAndSearch shines!

There is no setup. All clients will auto-discover the server. Clients are visible only in your System Tray. Double click on a client and Management Console opens up. Click on the "Search"button in your console and browser pops-up with search open. No addresses to remember, no URLs to type. Just type a word from a document as you would if you would search with Google or bing. It's that simple.

And for the backup, you need to do nothing again. It will happen on schedule and will run in the background sending only new files to your archive.

We hope you will be as excited about ArchiveAndSearch as we are!