Central DLNA Media Server! Now for just $9.95!

ArchiveAndSearch Delivers DLNA Media Server!

Your new TV with the network connection, your Blu-Ray player, your PS3 or your XBox all can deliver digital content to your TV screen, or play your audio files through your stereo. Your media files are scattered across multiple computers, but with ArchiveAndSearch DLNA Media Server all those computers will send your files to a central location freeing up space on your local hard disk and bringing your digital content to life through the magic of DLNA (Digital Living Network Appliance). 

If you TV or Blu-Ray player has a network connection, chances are it can connect to ArchiveAndSearch DLNA Media Server and bring your digital media to life. 

Download ArchiveAndSearch DLNA backup and search server now for Windows or Mac and enjoy your photos and home videos on your TV and your audio files on your home stereo. 

Why is our DLNA Server Better?

  1. It will find all your media files even on a remote computers and make it available through DLNA interface*
  2. It will let you play your media files in any browser.
  3. Our server handles more than just media files. It handles all your documents. Just point your browser to the computer where you installed the server and you will finally be able to find that tax return you were looking for.
  4. It requires no configuration
  5. It works! 
*Requires free ArchiveAndSearch-Client to be installed on remote computers.

Archive Search And Restore!

Your documents, your precious files, your digital memories. All saved to a remote location in your network. All indexed. You can search your documents, your photos, your music files just like you search on the internet. WOW! You can actually find what you are looking for. Easy! That is new for any backup solution.Nothing like this exists. All backups will let you backup your files and restore in bulk.Only Isospin/Archive and Search lets you search and find what you are looking for. And there is nothing you need to do.All backups will "just happen". You can even synchronize content between multiple computers!

ArchiveAndSearch is the best backup solution that lets you find your files, just like you search the Internet.

Why is ArchiveAndSearch Better Than Traditional On-Line Backup?

With the traditional on-line backup your data is safe - IN PRISON! You will have to pay monthly fees till the end of time. And the more data you have, the more you pay and it's harder to break free. File upload to some Internet site will be slow and clunky. Restore is even worse. Imagine restoring 40GB of your data (just a few movies)! It will take a week! 
With ArchiveAndSearch data is in your network! It is conveniently and easily accessible. Even if you do not have large disk in your computer,  cheap USB drive will do just fine. And do not forget powerful search available only from ArchiveAndSearch that let's you easily find your documents, preview your photos, or even play your music files right from the search results! 
With ArchiveAndSearch your data is safe, but not in prison!

How Does it Work?

You pick a computer in your network that has enough space to be the server. You install ArchiveAndSearch - Server on that computer. Then you install ArchiveAndSearch - Client on all other computers and you are good to go! Your files will transparently fly to the server where they will be archived and indexed. To find your files, from any of the client computers double click on the ArchiveAndSearch -Client icon in your system tray: 
and your management console will pop up:

then click on "Search". Your browser will pop-up with the search page open. 

Search like you would search using "Google" or "bing". Yes, it is that simple. 

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